Sustainability and Ethics


 At Mirame we believe in slow, ethical, sustainable fashion. We follow these principles throughout the whole process of design, manufacturing and arriving to your home

All our leather products are made from the skins of animals raised for food consumption.

Mirame sandals and slippers offer great durability, they are made of the finest leathers which is soft for your feet but tough enough to last. Mirame's are also not mass produced, but made to order. Thus contributing to a responsible purchase (slow fashion).

Mirame collections are created around the premise of a timeless handmade product, reimagined and evolved to create modern footwear with ever lasting appeal.




Thanks to our artisan production, we achieve manufacturing processes that are low in energy use and emissions. Our local delivery service close to where we are based is even powered by 'pedal power' and all wholesale orders are directly shipped from our manufacturers in Menorca to reduce our 'footprint'.

 Furthermore, we are proud  that our artisans skills are certified by the 'Avarca de Menorca Guarantee'.  This certification protects and preserves their trade, skills and well being.




At Mirame, we have a no plastic policy.  All of our packaging is reusable and recycble.