Avarca Care

Mirame shoes are very durable, as leather is a natural product, it may show signs of wear and variations in colour and texture.To ensure your Mirame's remain in good condition we advice you to keep them away from oils, water, body lotions and creams.


Metallic Leather

Metallic leather  is manufactured by bonding a metallic foil with the underlying leather. As it is a delicate material, with time and abrasion, the vibrancy of the shine may be lost.  If the foiling is scratched or scuffed it will expose the leather underneath.  This is classified as normal wear and tear.


Glitter Leather

Glitter leather is very delicate.  As with all glitter finishes, with time and abrasion, some glitter loss may occur. This is not a fault and the glitter finish cannot be re-applied.


Pony Hide

Pony hair is a shaved cow's hide (hair on leather).  As a result of this, pony hair can be damaged by rough usage and some hair loss is expected during wear.


Nubuck/Suede Care

Mirame recommends all shoes made from naturals leathers including  nubuck/suede to be protected with a stain and water protector

As advised your Mirame's should avoid contact with oils, water, body lotions and creams as these substances will cause staining.