A Huge Step... Making a Passion a Reality!

Posted by Helen Nicholls on

I have taken a huge step, but i am very excited! After over 30 years in school  (i'm embarrassed to say, I never left; formal schooling, degree, post grad and then back to school to teach!)  and juggling teaching with 4 small children born within four and a half years, I have decided to follow my heart and share my passion for Spanish fashion with you.

As it says in the 'About us' page on the website, it all begun with my dad purchasing a pair of Avarcas as a young 20 something in the late 1970's.  With a quarter of the year spent abroad in Spain since a child, this shoe has become enriched as a tradition within our family and across the generations.

I have designed a small collection for all the family which are handmade by certified Menorcan Avarca artisans. When setting up the business, three things were key

1) Quality

2) Comfort

3) Affordability..... and not forgetting a fashionable twist!

I also wanted to make sure the business was as eco friendly as it could be from the start too.  Shoes are packaged in reusable cotton bags ( I find these particularly useful for my childrens PE trainers and plimsolls saves their kit from getting too dirty before being returned every half term for a wash) and the postage bags are compostable (great for your food caddies).

Anyway, in the coming months I hope our collection will grow and my designs will continue to become a reality. I look forward to seeing you and your family in your Mirame's.

With love,

Helen xx


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